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TDS Resurrects the Polycast FP1200 Drainage System

TDS is reviving the FP1200 Series, our famously cost-effective transportation drainage system. Formerly manufactured by Hubbell Power Systems, we’ve taken the fiberglass trench drain system in-house to provide customized service and better pricing to our customers.

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The FP1200 Series

Polycast official logoThe FP1200 fiberglass drainage system is a 12" wide, sloping fiberglass channel and integrated railings to meet load requirements of harsh applications such as airports, highways and seaports.  Positive lock rivets and vented frame rails secure the integral frame, preventing it from separating or trapping air during installation.

The system's unique design means grates have up to 80 percent more inlet flow than comparable systems without sacrificing durability.  The FP1200 Series offers 120' of continuous 1% slope and can carry up to 6,700 gallons of water per minute.

The FP1200 Series includes 90 degree elbows and T-sections for a more flexible layout that follows the system's slope.  End and bottom outlets come in 6" - 10" diameters, enabling the drain to handle high volume water runoff.

Typical Applications

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