Polycast Transportation / Fiberglass

Polycast fiberglass trench drain systems are designed for use in high-volume drainage applications.  With a larger flow capacity than the competition, Polycast trench drains outperform ACO FG200 and Zurn Z812 trench drain systems.

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Polycast transportation-rated drainage systems feature durable fiberglass channel bodies.  Heavy duty Polycast trench grates meet FAA AC150/5320 and AASHTO M-306 load rating for airports and roadways.  These high-volume trench drains can evacuate up to 6,700 GPM of runoff water.

Polycast transportation trench drains feature integral iron rails that distribute load stress and prevent air bubbles from forming in the surrounding concrete.  The channel frame design ensures that both channel and concrete will hold up under continual traffic.

Benefits of Fiberglass Trench Channels:

Paper millChemical Resistance

Because fiberglass trench drains are resistant to caustic materials, they are used in paper/pulp manufacturing and chemical processing applications.

Polycast FP1200 trench drain during installationLightweight

Compared to polymer concrete and other systems, fiberglass trench drains are lightweight. Channel sections of 8’ to 10’ long can be handled easily during installation.

Here, temporary covers are used over the channel during installation.

Polycast 3000 Series
Temperature Resistance

The polymers used during the manufacturing of fiberglass enable the material to withstand a wide range of extreme temperatures without damaging its strength.


Trench Drain Systems is a leading supplier of channel and trench drain from the top manufacturers in the drainage industry.  Our product lines include Polycast, NDS, MultiDrain, MEA, Zurn, J.R. Smith and Infinity Drain.  We carry drainage systems in a broad range of channel materials such as stainless steel, concrete, fiberglass, HDPE, polymer concrete and cast iron. We also sell trench forming systems, such as EconoDrain, and slot drain systems.

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