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Polycast trench drain - 500 Series w/DG0675HD CI grateThe Polycast 500 Series is Hubbell's low profile drainage system.  At 1.75" deep, the 500 Series’ polymer concrete channels are shallow enough to be used in raised concrete platforms such as parking garages and concrete patios.  Drain channels come standard in 48" lengths as well as 24" half-lengths and have 4" bottom outlets for pipe connection.

The 500 Series shallow drainage system is 6.25" wide (OD) and uses 5.25" wide grates.  These Polycast grates are available in numerous patterns with Load Ratings from A – F.  From pedestrian to forklift traffic, the system offers fiberglass, cast iron, ductile iron and galvanized and stainless steel grates to meet the project’s requirements.  Grates are available in slotted, perforated, solid, transverse slotted and decorated patterns to meet bicycle safety, heel-proof and ADA requirements.

Polycast 500 w/stainless edge protectors and perf ss grateEdge Protection Options

For higher load requirements ranging from C-F, Polycast offers channel edge protector rails and frames.  Polyguard edge rails, which come in galvanized and stainless steel, are recommended for 500 Series applications seeing frequent delivery truck traffic.

Edge Protectors also give a professional clean, finished appearance to your drainage installation.

Typical Applications

  • Multi Level Garages
  • Parking Lots
  • Elevated Slabs
  • Hotels
  • Swimming Pools
  • Decks and Patios
  • Grocery Stores
Polycast 500 Series Cheat Sheet
Channel Length4 feet (48”), 2 feet (24”)
Channel Width (OD)6.25"
Channel Width (ID) 4.25"
Inlet 1.75"
Depth (OD) 2.5"
Outlet Sizes 4" bottom

Polycast 500 w/Harnose 700AA frameFrame Options

The Duraguard series frame, a heavy duty frame made from HDPE, is offered for paved areas with delivery truck or forklift traffic.  The Hardnose 700 series frame, made from cast iron, protects the 500 Series channel from harsh traffic environments such as forklifts, industrial equipment and construction vehicles.

Patriot grate for Polycast drain
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Polycast 500 Installation ChairInstallation Chair

Installation chairs are the most efficient and economical means of setting a precast trench system.  The installation chair supports the ends of the channel, aligns and locks the joints rigidly together, and prevents the channels from floating.  Adjusting channel elevation is easy.  One chair is required for every joint.  The chair is made from 1018 hot rolled steel and has a zinc plated finish.

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